1980 Topps Scoring Leader (Bird, Irving, Magic)

Helping You Accurately Evaluate and

Protect the Value of Your Collection

Professional Sports Card Grading in Pompano Beach, FL

Many people enjoy collecting and selling sports cards, especially rare ones that hold great value and sentimental ones that could never be replaced. However, knowing your card’s condition and value can be crucial to maintaining its integrity.

Whether you’re buying or selling, accurate evaluation and grading is paramount. MCG offers premier sports card grading services in Pompano Beach, FL. We use a comprehensive technological card encapsulation process that helps collectors and leading individuals in the industry achieve a higher level of sport card protection and preservation.

Our grading scale aims to help you establish the true value of your sports cards based on our careful and precise evaluation. In order to keep your collections from damage, each card is carefully placed within a tamper-evident holder.

How Cards Are Graded?

At MCG, we take a detailed look to make sure your cards are graded accurately. Here are the factors we consider:

  • Centering
  • Corners
  • Edges
  • Surface

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